Success Stories

Direct Marketing Package [ PDF · 1.3Mb ]

  • The Aviation Consumer – Belvoir Media Group. A magazine subscription, full marketing promotion mailed out to general aviation aircraft owners. I produced the teaser envelope; 6-page letter; lift note; and order device. This package beat the in-house control by over 68%.

White Paper [ PDF · 264kb ]

  • Applied Research Corporation – a consulting firm that delivers comprehensive assessment, coaching and performance management services – needed a 2-page paper hand-out selling their Transition Leadership 120 day program.

Fundraising Letter [ PDF · 12kb ]

  • This Nature Conservancy 3-page letter was submitted on spec.

Direct Marketing Package [ PDF · 60kb ]

  • Male Mega Energy – Mail order vitamins for men. This full direct marketing package – Teaser envelope; 8-page letter; order device; testimonial page; and lift note – was written for AWAI’s Direct Mail Copywriting course. After one revision, it received an “Excellent” grade.

Campaign Letter [ PDF · 12kb ]

  • Over 200 aviation enthusiasts sent out this one page letter to federal, state and local government agencies and officers in an effort to save Central Jersey Regional Airport from housing developers. The campaign was successful and the general aviation airport continues to operate successfully under FAA protection.

Grant Request Letter [ PDF · 20kb ]

  • One of Central Jersey Symphony Orchestra’s personalized letters requesting grants ranging from $1,000 to $2,500 from selected corporations. Over $10,000 was raised.

Fundraising Letter [ PDF · 216kb ]

  • Central Jersey Symphony Orchestra’s one page End of Year Appeal. This letter did very well with a response rate of 3.5%.

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