My Services

  • Web Copy · How high are your search engine rankings? Does your web site convert traffic to hard cash? As a trained web copywriter, I can SEO (search engine optimize) your web site so people can find you. Then I’ll write copy that’ll convert your web traffic to cash.
  • Direct Response Letters · A marketing manager’s reputation depends on letters getting a good response rate – do yours? I have a knack for writing motivating letter copy that gets good results, which boosts your sales and reputation.
  • White Papers and Case Studies · You have a pile of data on your desk and you want only two pages to send to clients. My précis skills can condense this pile of research into concise, compelling readable copy.
  • E-mails & E-zines · Regular contact with clients and prospects keeps your company name in front of them. My content rich e-mails and e-zines do get opened and read — unlike a lot of the competitions.
  • Business Letters · Is your “In Box” full of letters you need to write? I bring 25 years of experience of reading and writing business correspondence from and to Fortune 500 corporations.
  • Newsletters · Producing a newsletter regularly with a consistent ‘voice’ is listed as one of the most challenging tasks a manager has. But newsletters are important — they connect employees, clients, prospects or donors to your organization. Using my imagination and love of story-telling, I will create a newsletter that reflects your message and mission.
  • Copy Review · You’re not sure if your brochure, direct mail letter, web page or ad is projecting the message you want. I can review it and give you specific ways to create a winning product.

About my Fees · Every project is different. Some require a lot or research, some do not. I charge by the project and will give you a quote based on your individual needs. The price I quote is all-inclusive. I will work on your project until you are 100% satisfied. For a no obligation quote on your job, simply give me a call at (732) 549 0647 or send me an email –

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