About Penny

I love to write stories, and I do it well, a gift from my Welsh ancestors. Born in Cardiff, Wales and raised in the Middle East, Africa and Europe—I came to the United States over twenty-five years ago to find fame and fortune.

In New York City, I used my storytelling gifts to land jobs in the United Nations and Corporate America. I earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Pace University and a Certificate in Fundraising Management from New York University. I studied direct response and web copywriting with AWAI—American Writers and Artists Institute.

To fund my studies and life, I worked in the public, private and non-profit sectors—general aviation, aircraft and boat charter, investment banking, real estate development, surveying/mapmaking, special events planning, and non-profit fundraising—I wrote about all of this and about my passions—sailing, kayaking, flying and gardening—to name a few.

Corporate America introduced me to the selling power of a well-written presentation, letter or brochure. This was a different kind of writing and it fascinated me. I kept track of the winners and losers and parsed the winners. I became the “go to” person when a salesman wanted a killer presentation.

My story-telling ability, rare among copywriters, enabled me to connect in a compelling and persuasive way. Now retired from the corporate life I can all of my experience and love of writing to my favorite genre, enthralling fiction.

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